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TheREC® Academy is an international platform and meeting place for experts, engineers and specialists in fastening technology, especially bolt fastening technology.

We carry out workshops, seminars as well as tailor-made in-house trainings which meet your individual requirements and train you in the whole range of fastening technology.

We also organise meetings of experts in order to share our knowledge, our experience and our expertise. You can join our meetings and profit from a practice-oriented exchange about current trends and developments within the industry.

REC® – Academy: Become a specialist in bolting technology!

REC® Seminars & Workshops

Your basis for getting excellent knowledge in fastening technology

By participating in our seminars and workshops you will get an excellent knowledge in the field of bolting techniques. We are an independent and neutral provider of trainings. We provide you with the latest state of the art in the field of fastening technology topics. Our seminars and trainings are targeted at plant designers, engineers, construction engineers, technicians and all employees from purchasing department and quality assurance and those who are in charge of product liability. Depending on the kind of seminar or workshop we additionally invite specialized external speakers. If requested we can offer you all kinds of seminars, workshops and trainings in our “REC® Manufaktur” (production site) and/or in our REC® Bolt Testing Laboratory. Upon your request, we also will be happy to offer you our tailor-made trainings as in-house trainings directly at your company.

The seminars and workshops with set dates are usually held in German language, whereas you have the option to book your tailor-made training in English language.

REC® - Academy: Seminars & Workshops

Fastener Joinings – from the basics to the serial production

2-days seminar

  • Screws / Nuts as construction element
  • Screw materials / coatings
  • Bolt calculation according to VDI 2230
  • Design of fastener joints (screws, nuts, bolts, self-tapping screws)
  • Assembly strategies
  • validation
  • protection and quality quidlines
Direct connections of synthetic materials, light alloys and hybrid materials

2-days seminar

  • Basics about polymers/synthetic materials, light metals and hybrid materials
  • Market overview thread shapes
  • Design – dimensioning – calculation
  • Bolt joining techniques
  • Validation of direct fastener joints
  • Assembly procedures
  • Control of processes
  • Practical experiments, workshop
Electrical contact joinings

1-day seminar

  • Bolted joints in general
  • Requirements in the field of electrical contact design at high voltage and low-voltage applications
  • Characteristics in the examination of contact resistance
  • Design and assembly strategy
  • Validation
  • protection and quality quidlines
Coefficient of Friction determination on bolts and nuts

2-days workshop

Theoretical part:

  • Basics – relation of bolts and nuts, torque and preload force
  • Influences on friction (coating, speed, temperature)
  • Standards and guidelines (DIN EN ISO 16047, VDA 235, Volkswagen, Mercedes…)

Practical part:

  • Preparation of test samples
  • Parameterisation
  • Execution of tests (screws, nuts, special parts)
  • Evaluation of the tests and form of report / protocol
Innovative assembly strategies

2-days workshop

Theoretical part:

  • Basics
  • Valid standards and guidelines
  • Assembly strategy
  • Planning of testings

Practical part:

  • Preparation of test samples
  • Parameterisation
  • Measurement of torque, angle, preload force, thread torque and friction torque in the bearing surface
  • Influences – rotation speed
  • Evaluation of tests
  • Generating protocols
Technical knowledge of fastening technology for businessmen

1-day seminar

  • Production of screws and nuts
  • Basics of bolt fastening techniques
  • Different kinds of materials – property class
  • Heat treatment and tempering
  • Surfaces of screws and nuts
  • Standards, guidelines, testing procedures
  • Technical drawings
Fastener Joining - from the basics to the serial production

1 - day Seminar

  • Screws / Nuts - as construction element
  • Influence materials and coatings
  • Self-tapping screws for plastics, light alloy or steel
  • Validation, master curves, temperature, dynamic influence
  • Assembly technologies and -strategies
  • Safeguarding and guidelines
Calculations of bolted joints according to VDI 2230

1-day seminar

  • Theoretical basics of bolted joints
  • Introduction to the VDI 2230 guideline
  • References to safety-relevant design
  • Practical implementation and validation

Become a specialist in fastening technology too and attend one of our seminars / workshops !

Upcoming events

Bestimmung der Trennfugenreibung bei Schraubenverbindungen - Mit Praxisteil (2024 A 452)
Schraubenverbindungen - von der Auslegung bis zur Serienreife - Mit Praxisteil (2024 A 102)
Seminar: Elektrische Kontaktverschraubung - Mit Praxisteil (2024 A 302)

REC® Inhouse-Trainings

Expert knowledge for you and your team

Upon request, we develop tailor-made content and formats which meet your requirements in order to train you and your colleagues in the field of fastening technology. We carry out seminars, workshops, trainings - from our current portfolio or with tailor-made content - directly at your company. Benefit from our years of experience.

Further advantages of our in-house trainings are:

  • Tailor-made trainings according to your requirements
  • From small groups up to big events (by arrangement)
  • Training is carried out on your definite date
  • Training directly at your site – or if wished at our REC Academy
  • Saving of own business travel expenses

We send you an individual offer – free of charge – for your personalized inhouse training. Just contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.

REC® Academy – Tailor-made trainings – at your company site to your definite date

REC® Expert-Meetings

Are you interested in exchanging about current trends and developments within the field of fastening technology? We organise and carry out meetings of experts in order to share knowledge!

During our well-known events, such as for example our “Drehmoment-Tage (Torque Days)”, you can profit from specialized lectures as well as from practice-oriented exchange and mutual workouts. Our meeting of experts are characterized by top-class specialist speakers and technical experts, who contribute significantly to that unique platform.

REC® Expert-Meetings – Where fastening knowledge comes together.

REC® Conferences in the field of fastening technology

As member and partner of various renowned conference organizers, we are happy to provide information on further conferences on current topics in this sector.

Stay up-to-date and be one step ahead of your competitors – thanks to specialized further trainings.