REC®– Research
our competent service in a modern testing laboratory for bolt connections.

We’ll take time for you. Our proficient Engineers advise you individually in the run-up of your project. According to your requirements, our experts develop, test and optimise your bolt connection – always in respect to your cost savings, quality and safety. Our laboratory service is competent, neutral and objective. We are versatile: we test according to relevant standards or individual customer requirements. Benefit from our long-standing expertise – from component design, to VDI 2230 calculations, validation tests up to series production. Our validation of your bolt connection paves the way for a safe start of series production on time. We are processing our orders reliable, fast and flexible under the use of our most modern testing systems. Book the “Express Service” option to receive our meaningful test report within 24 hours. Or ask our screw engineers to perform bolting analyses at your assembly line. 

Together we seek for the optimum of your fastening technology - REC® solutions in fastening technology.

REC® Bolt Testing Laboratory –
up to date, independent, professional

As an independent service test lab, we implement tests on real components - regardless whether prototype or series part – according to your requirements.

Our modern high precision test benches, together with our experienced and Certified (DSV) ®  Fastening Engineers guarantee highest competence.

Our test spectrum

  • Torques from 0,001 Nm to 2000 Nm
  • Preload Forces from 10 N to 1000 kN
  • Tensile - or Compressive Forces from 0,1 kN to 50 kN
  • Contact resistance from 5 µOhm as a function of torque and force
  • Temperature (-cycles) from -40°C to +300°C
  • COF (Coefficient of Friction) Tests from M1 upwards
  • 3-D Microscopy, 10- to 50- times magnification
  • Material Analysis, SEM, Spectroscopy
  • Sampling rates up to 10.000 Hz x 8 Channel (synchronous
  • All drivers programmable (torque/angle/speed/steps)

REC® Screw Testing Laboratory – state-of-the-art technology, highest precision and maximum flexibility

REC®  Lab Tests and Analyses
Progressive, meaningful and objectively assessed

Our suggestions regarding technically and economically optimal process capability-, Torque-, Friction- and many other analyses are always objective and neutral. However, always with a view to your requirements, productivity, quality and cost optimisation. We are guaranteed to find the optimal solution for you fastening technology.

Our Lab- Tests & Analyses

  • Torque – Angle – Preload Force such as DIN 267 T27, DIN 267 T28, DIN 267 T30, DIN EN ISO 2320, DIN EN 14399
  • Installation- and stripping torque on thread forming screws
  • Yield point torques, Plasticizing torques, Failure torques, Yield strengths
  • Determination of Break Loose- and Prevail Torque (Retightening Torque e.g. according to VW 01110-4)
  • COF Tests e.g. according to DIN EN ISO 16047, VDA 235-203, VW 01131, MBN 10544, BMW GS 90010 / ZFN 5033 / CNH STPL020 / Renault 01-50-0005--G / SCANIA STD4419 / Customer-Specific
  • COF at the interface
  • Electrical Resistance of Bolted Joints
  • Tensile Tests according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1
  • Compressive Tests, Analyses of Press-in/Press-out Forces
  • Investigations into Stress distribution e.g. Stress distribution at the interface
  • Assembly Tests, Multiple Assembly, Repetitive Assemblies
  • Temperature Tests
  • Embedding under Temperature changes, relaxation- and creep analysis
  • Loosening torque under heat strain acc. VDA 235
  • Material investigations, material-, microstructure-, hardness-, and surface analyses
  • Corrosion Tests
  • 3D Microscopy

REC® Laboratory Tests – we deliver precise and informative results - custom made according to your requirements

REC® VDI 2230 Calculation and FEM Simulation
the right design for your bolted joint

REC® offers a precise calculation, professional evaluation and interpretation based on many years of experience in accordance with the VDI 2230 guideline during the preliminary design, but also for the validation of screw connections. 

Our numerical and analytical designs

  • Screw calculation acc. VDI 2230
  • Pre-dimensioning of thread forming screws using REC® threadform
  • FEM Simulation (Finite Element Method)

>Save effort and costs – with the correct design of your components by our experts.

Together with REC® to the optimal fastening technology

Always taking economic efficiency, safety and the required quality into account, we provide you with a technically optimal design for your screw connection. The selected fastening technology has a decisive influence on the total costs of your product.

Our versatile optimisations

  • Neutral, objective clarification of the technical and economic requirements for the joint
  • Point out the limits of the screw connection
  • Optimisation of the utilisation factor
  • Material optimisation
  • Surface optimisation
  • Robust design
  • Weight optimisation
  • Assembly strategy optimisation
  • Monitoring parameters
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Process capability optimisation
  • Standardisation

A connection optimized by REC®> is objectively one of the best technical and economic solutions!

We are the interface between producers and users of screw technology

We are the ideal link
in our field, the fastening technology.


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